Thomas Mann Randolph to Thomas Mann Randolph, Sr.

Dear Sir

I find that the payments I have made to you will just about discharge my debt to you on open account and therefore propose that they should be applied to liquidate this instead of being against my first bond. I send you a copy of the account as complete as I can draw it before I see Mr Hughes, that we may fix each debit and credit in order to a final closure. The first article of the Dr side & also the 2d is incomplete because you have never yet told me what price you got for the wheat. the 7th Mr Hughes can fill up from his Varina accounts & the 8th also. I do not recollect the sum you recieved for Rachel and Nancy and must refer that article, the 5th to be completed by yourself I have given you credit as you observe for a sum paid to Woodfin: Mr Hughes tells me he is certain Woodfin did not call upon on you and that the money was not paid. if it is so you can draw your pen thro it if what I propose meets with your approbation I will thank you to return me the accompt filled up by James that I may draw up the interest accompt, for as my bond, when the receipts are erased from the back of it will bear interest from the 15th of April 1792, the day on which the money I shall have a right to interest till the 15th Nov. 1792 the day on which the money for the negroes was due, for all sums paid before that day: interest will be allowed you for the ballance of the accompt from that day untill it was discharged—I am unhappy at having failed to make my payments lest it should have occasioned you inconvenience I have sanguine hopes of being able to discharge 2 bonds next year my prospects having never been so good as at present several untoward accidents have so disabled me this year that any payments I may have it in my power to make will be but contemptible I fear. pray tell me if the disappointment will affect you materially! depend upon it nothing can stimulate me to exertion so forcibly as the prospet prospect of relieving you.

Patsy begs you to be assured of her warmest affection she desires to be rembered to Mrs Randolph and Nancy—My best wishes to Mrs R—h & love to Nancy

Your most affectionate Son & sincere friend
Th: M. Randolph
Dupl (ViU: ER); in the hand of Virginia J. Randolph Trist; with note by Thomas Mann Randolph between dateline and salutation: “A Copy”; endorsed by Thomas Mann Randolph: “To Randolph T. M. Sr Jan 17: 1793.”
Thomas Mann Randolph, Sr.
Date Range
January 17, 1793