Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

My dear Jane

I have been so cruelly afflicted with a pain in my face all this week and am so much enfeebled by loss of sleep that I cannot ride as far as Warren for a week to come

I have not been confined to the house any day yet all day but when I have been out I have been obliged to skulk from shade to shade. I slept better last night than common but have smart head ache to day

I should not have thought it worth while to have sent if your rela sisters had not promised to come with you. knowing that [. . .] not to have come or sent (untill the cause was [. . .] known) would not have looked will

As for yourself I think perhaps you would not repine much at being compelled to stay at Warren a week longer and I felt no disposition to have you here to be disturbed by my tossings & groans. As soon as I get well and my strength restored by a night or two sleep and a few hearty mark meals I will come over for you. My devoted love to yourself and our dear little ones

Most affectionately yours
Th J Randolph

Tell Wilson that Duke was engaged before I came over. if he has not supplied himself with overseers he had better come to August court

RC (ViU: ER); addressed: “Mrs Jane H Randolph Warren”; endorsed by receipient: “Jefferson.”