Virginia J. Randolph (Trist), Mary Elizabeth Randolph (Eppes), and Mary Jane Randolph to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My Dear Mother

We arrived here this morning, & finding the waters too weak to be of any service to us, Aunt Randolph has determined to go on to the white Sulphur Springs to morrow with Mr Carter Berkly, an old acquaintance of her,s who is going there. send this to Aunt Jane as soon as you can, for she will be uneasy about E,s crossing the warm spring Mountain with out an escort. we are all well. adieu give my love to every body & believe me your most affectionate daug[h]ter

V. Randolph

Tell Mama I would write also, but that breakfast is almost ready & we are very hungry for we have not eaten since last evening and it is now 12—love to all


we want to get to the venison steaks.


the enclosed pattern is from A C. B. for H. H. tell her Virginia desired me to tell her she has tacked up 2 seams of the corset, & kept her hair very smooth. ask her also if she can tell us how to direct our letters as they are gone on to the sulphur sulpher Springs. the two Miss Grimshaws were from Frederiksburg. adieu, give my love to Harriet and the girls let me know how you are, and believe me with sincere affection yours


I suppose our letters may be directed to the [. . .] I suppose we may direct [. . .] to the white sulphur Spring. but afterwards to the Warm S We were both so unwell yesterday we could not dine with you Harriet is [. . .] sick today & will not be able to set off sooner than monday—may we not hope to see you before that time?1

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1Text in unknown hand.
Mary Elizabeth Randolph Eppes
Mary Jane Randolph
Date Range
September 6, 1817