David M. Randolph (1798–1825) to Nicholas P. Trist

My good friend

I have just returned from Monticello the first visit I have made since I spent so many agreeable days there with you 5 years ago, as I have just learned your direction, you will not take it amiss that I have not before written to you. A Friend is a treasure, such a one as I have found in you, do not think that I have forgotten or was indifferent about you, my mind fondly dwells on the days I have passed with you, perhaps too fondly, so much so as to make me careless of passing events, & the fond hope that I shall again enjoy your company, with that of my sweet cousin (if you retain the same sentiments towards her as formerly and she is equally deserving) has dispelled the gloom of many a desponding moment. In Albemarle I for the first time heard of the loss you sustained in the death of your Mother. how sincerely do I sympathise in that loss, I have never lost a parent, but how long before I have to deplore that misfortune. time only can tell. but I have thought frequently on the subject with great anxiety. I have been living here for the last 9 months and shall continue the ensuing 12. if not longer; when you return to this state as I am told you intend doing as soon as you can make arrangement to that effect, if you return by water to Norfolk you will then be in 15. miles of me, and must give me a call it would give me the greatest pleasure to accompany you to Albemarle and if it is in my power I certainly shall do it, Virginia went to Bedford with Jeff and was caught in a shower which gave her a bad cold, cousin Ellen has had the liver complaint two years and looks badly. the Col has been confined to the house 3 weeks from exposure at varina, the old sachem is in good health your grandmother I did not see but was told she was as well as could be expected at her time of life, the remainder of your friends were well. Mann & his wife arrived at Ashton the day before my departure, bringing the old folks their first grand child, you may be sure there was any quantity of joy—Elizabeth is expected at Ashton daily where she is expected to give more joy by bringing forth another grand child next month. Francis is a vigorous little fellow; his father died a fortnight ago, as did W J Cary the week before, I have not seen my aunt since her widowhood, my mother with Virginia & Mary were on their way to Carysbrooke when I left them all of them speak of you and your brother in the most affectionate manner, having thus given you all the information I possess I must conclude hopeing you will do the same, with the greatest regard for yourself and Browse

I am &c
D M Randolph Jr
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mr Nicholas P. Trist Donaldsonville La Fourche Louisiana”; stamped; postmarked Hampton, Oct. 8; endorsed by Trist: “Randolph D. Meade.”
David M. Randolph (1798–1825)
Date Range
October 7, 1823