Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

we are going in the Pheaton this Evening. the Dutchess of Devonshire will be here at eight o’ Clock, so pray come here as soon as you can, as we shall be happy to see you, as much before as you like, on ne peut pas vous voir trop souvent Adieu

RC (Privately owned); in the hand of Caroline Tufton Barham; undated; on a piece of paper folded into an enclosing square small enough to conceal within the palm of a hand; addressed: “À Mademoiselle M:lle: Jefferson”; with a note in the hand of Martha J. Trist Burke: “from one of the Lady’s Tufton.”

on ne peut pas vous voir trop souvent: “we cannot see you too often.”

Caroline Tufton Barham
Date Range
December 31, 1789
Privately owned