Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

Dear Miss Jefferson

I am ready to die with laughing at Bothid Botidoux’s note, it was too a clingish a great deal to go and tell Miss Bath, I am sure we shall never hear the last of it. there will be such crying. I will send you her note to morrow morning, or give it you at dinner, as I have not seen the Duke, and I must show it him. Adieu Believe me most affecly yrs

C Tufton

Elizabeth is now in such a fit of laughing of the cling she cannot speak she means to settle with you to morrow whether Victorine is proper for me to read, she thinks it is as far as she has read.

RC (Privately owned); undated; on a piece of paper folded into an enclosing square small enough to conceal within the palm of a hand; addressed: “M:lle M:lle Jefferson.”

victorine was the latest novel by Jean-Claude Gorjy (1789).

Caroline Tufton Barham
Date Range
December 31, 1789
Privately owned