Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

Dear Miss Jefferson

pray come this Evening at five o’ Clock, as we want to shew you a new work, which I dare say you will like very much. I am dying to see your verses, and want very much to know the secret, I can hardly flatter myself it is of any importance to me. Lord Bob will be of the party to night, but said he was engaged till he heard you were to come. indeed you are very cruel to be the death of so many people Mr Jenning is too melancholy to go out. Adieu—

yrs most sincerely
C Tufton

Elizabeth desires her love

pray bring a Cushion to make the cling hat look stuck up—

RC (Privately owned); undated; addressed: “À Mademoiselle M:lle: Jefferson”; with note in the hand of Martha J. Trist Burke: “Lady Caroline & lady Elisatbeth Tufton, daughters of the Earl of Thanet, & neices of the Duke of Dorset then english ambassador in Paris.”
Caroline Tufton Barham
Date Range
December 31, 1789
Privately owned