Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson (Randolph)

My dear Miss Jefferson

I thought I should have seen you last night, as Miss Dashwood told me she expected you; it was to mention a Ball given by Monsieur Laborde, the same company is to be there as was at Mrs Coutts, and as you was ill at that time could not go, I hope you will be well enough for this, I do not exactly know when it is be, but I believe next Monday, I will send you word the moment it is fixed. I go the beginning of next Week to my Uncles to be with my Sister for a Month or six Weeks. I hope you are quite well and that little polly is getting better. every body here desire their love, and that they wish much for your return. Believe me My dear Miss Jefferson most sincerely yrs

C Tufton
RC (Privately owned); partially dated at foot of text; addressed: “À Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Jefferson à la grille de Chaillot”; with note in the hand of Martha J. Trist Burke: “from Lady Caroline Tufton to Miss Jefferson after she had left ‘Panthemont.’”
Caroline Tufton Barham
Date Range
December 31, 1789
Privately owned