Andrew Jackson to Meriwether Lewis Randolph

My dear sir,

Congress having, at last, adjourned it gives me a moment to acknowledge your letter of the 8th of May last—This I would have done sooner but I was waiting information from home, of what had been done, if any thing, with my the studs, before I could reply to this part of your letter—I am still without any information on this Subject, but as I leave here by the 10th instant for home (if I can arrange my official business by that day) I will write you from home and give all necessary directions about them.

I had the pleasure of seeing your mother a few evenings past. She is in improved health, and all your connections here are well—

Mayor Donelson has written you on the subject of appointments in Arkansa—I had great perplexity & dificulty on that subject, was constrained to appoint Mr Johnston judge being the Senior & well recommended;—and on deep reflection, gave to Mr Lacy the appointment atto for the District which was intended to be given you [. . .] should Mr Lacy refuse it—it will be given you you may rest assured it will always afford me pleasure to promote your welfare

I trust that Mr Fulton will come to the Senate—rest assured he is a good, & honest man—

In great haste I remain your friend
Andrew Jackson
RC (DLC: Andrew Jackson Papers); addressed: “Lewis Randolph Esqr Little Rock Arkansa”; franked; postmarked Washington, 6 July.
Andrew Jackson
Meriwether Lewis Randolph
Date Range
July 6, 1836