Extract from George Ticknor’s Account of a Visit to Monticello

We left Charlottesville on Saturday morning, the 4th of February, for Mr. Jefferson’s. He lives, you know, on a mountain, which he has named Monticello ... The ascent of this steep, savage hill, was as pensive and slow as Satan’s ascent to Paradise. We were obliged to wind two thirds round its sides before we reached the artificial lawn on which the house stands; and, when we had arrived there, we were about six hundred feet, I understand, above the stream which flows at its foot. It is an abrupt mountain. The fine growth of ancient forest-trees conceals its sides and shades part of its summit. The prospect is admirable.

Published in George S. Hillard, ed., Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor (1876), 1:34–8. Published in PTJRS, 8:238–43.
George Ticknor
Elisha Ticknor
Date Range
February 4, 1815 to February 7, 1815
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Ticknor, Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor