Extract from Francis W. Gilmer to Dabney Carr

Dear Judge.

what would you say to edifying the world by a chaste, elegant, and philosophical life of Citn Thomas your Uncle? [. . .] He is in my judgement the best subject for biography after Gen: Washington which our country has afforded. This is a question worthy of consideration. It would be a great thing for a profound & eloquent writer to give an ample & rich portrait of the old Philosopher & present the proceeds [. . .] of the work to the Central College—or what perhaps would be as wise—put them in his pocket—to buy Christmas plums for his children. I fear unless the old man has a hint about this matter he will leave his papers to some quack or impostor (for you know how easily he is duped) who will disgrace his subject, himself & his country. He cannot in nature live long, & that the work may appear soon after his death it should be speedily begun

RC (Vi: Francis Walker Gilmer Letters); addressed: “The Honble Chancellor Carr. Winchester Va ”; stamped; postmarked Fredericksburg, 13 Oct.; endorsed by Carr: “F W Gilmer Oct 12th 1818.”
Francis W. Gilmer
Dabney Carr
Date Range
October 12, 1818
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