Virginia J. Randolph Trist to Cornelia J. Randolph

Dear Cornelia

I recieved your letter last night and hope the directions for the pudding may reach you to-morrow mornging. I have just recovered from a sick head-ache but feel well except rather weak. I went to market to day.

Miss Dyckmann’s leaves us to day; She says she can get her house in order more quickly than when in it. What has been the matter with my darling Pattie? I long to see my sweet “pink chunk” and hear him sing “away, away.” God Bless the My precious baby! Do not let him get into too high health—that is do not let him be over fed. I have not time for more. The boxes I hope arrived safely, I packed them the last thing before going to bed with my head-ache. I am quite mortified that I could not get a book or toy for Julian to send then, but when the box of wedding cake for Pattie (sent by her Aunt Coolidge) goes I will try & send a little book with it.

Love & kisses for all. Ever yr own sister
V. J. Trist

I do not think my baby should be put upon the ground at this season. The india rubbers must be kept for another year.

Proportions of a plumb pudding.

4 spoonsful of brown sugar—

½ lb of currants—1 lb of raisins

1 lb of suet—3 spoonsful of flour—crumb of a penny loaf of bread grated—12 eggs—1 nutmeg—mace & cinnamon 1 spoonful—citron—1 tea spoonful of salt—1 wine glass of brandy. Monticello

The ingredients must be prepared and the pudding boiled a long time—Dr Kitcn Kitchener directs a day’s boiling, it is better for it, [. . .] but when made with bread it is not so necessary as when made with flour & is lighter & more wholesome. The suet should be grated fine and every string or bloody speck taken out of it—the ingredients carefully & thoroughly mixed. Virginia house wife recommends rubbing the raisins for puddings & cakes in a little flour to prevent their settling to the bottom, taking care the flour should not stick to them in lumps. The cloth in which the pudding is boiled should be wet & floured & the pudding tied up loosely. Put into boiling water & covered closely.

If the pudding is boiled some hours the day before it is wanted it may be again put into the pot the following day & boiled as long as necessary. It should be kept in a cool place.

RC (NcU: NPT); partially dated, with year editorially supplied.