Extract from the Diary of Frances Few (Chrystie)

I dined with the President–he is a tall thin man not very dignified in his appearance but very agreeable in his manners–his face expresses great good humour–there is scarce a wrinkle on his brow–he seems very happy–he wears powder but it is evident that his hair is red ... his face is short and his nose and chin approach each other–his teeth are good he shews but little of them when he laughs–he stoops very much but holds his head high–he was dressed in a pair of dark corduroy breeches–an old fringed dimmity jacket that he brought with him from France which reached down to his hips–a blue cloth coat with metal buttons–worsted stockings nicely drawn up & a clean pair of leather shoes ... We were invited to dine with him at half past three ... the President made his appearance he bowed and the strangers present were named to him–he then took a seat himself and his example was followed by the gentlemen who since his entrance had all been standing–he joined in the conversation but did not monopolize it ... the President was only to be distinguished by the shabbiness of his dress.

MS (G-Ar: William Few Collection). Published in Noble E. Cunningham, ed., “Diary of Frances Few, 1808–1809,” Journal of Southern History (Aug. 1963):350.
Frances Few Chrystie
Date Range
October 11, 1808
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