Record for Ludwell Coles, Eston Hemings, Robert Scott, and Burwell Colbert in the Albemarle County Free Register

The following persons of Color personally appearing in Court, and producing satisfactory evidence of their freedom the following is ordered to be enter’d as their Registers viz.

Ludwell Coles, aged 21-years 5 feet 7 inches high. right fore finger off. Bright mulatto—no othe

Eston Hemmings aged 23 years, 6 feet one inch high. Bright mulatto—no scars or marks

Robert Scott aged 28 years, 6 feet 2½inches high, bright mulatto, no scars or marks

Burwell Colbert aged 49 years 5 feet 10 inches high brigh mulatto, no scars or marks—All of which is order’d to be certified

MS (Albemarle County Minute Book, Free Register for 1832, p. 12).
Eston Hemings
Burwell Colbert
Ludwell Coles
Robert Scott
Date Range
February 6, 1832
Albemarle County Minute Book 1832, p. 12