John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

Dear Francis

I wrote to you on the 22d but little Moses by accident left the letter—I send it by the present mail to shew that I have not been unmindful of you—In every view which I take of the future your welfare and happiness constitute and essential part in my prospect—To you I look as the friend protector and guardian of those who according to natures laws will be deprived of the advantages of my assistance long before they can arrive at an age to take care of themselves—I view that with great delight the strong feeling of attatchment and tenderness which every member of my family feels cherishes for you—You are the constant subject1 of their little prattle and Caroline still calls you her son—If Willie is sufficiently advanced by the Fall I shall be very glad to have him with Mr Slack

Since writing to you on the 22d I have determined to venture sending the coat by [. . .] the mail to your Grand pa—It is not as handsome as I could wish it but will I think make you a very genteel and at the same time pleasant summer coat—You can have it made at charlottesville and to prevent its being a present subjecting you to expence I enclose five dollars which will purchase the necessary trimings and pay the Taylor—I have determined if no safe conveyance offers to Richmond to send Tom up after harvest with your books—

Our new horse is still unsteady in harness—I drove him the other day to Ca-Ira in the carriage but Tom was obliged to lead him up all the hills—I went for the purpose of carrying Mary to the Dancing School—

We are progressing well with our harvest which promises to be a very fine one—

Your Mama and all the children desire to be affectionately presented to you

Your affectionate father
Jno: W: Eppes
RC (NcD: John Wayles Eppes Papers); addressed: “Francis Eppes Esqr, charlottesville Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Richmond, June 29.
1Manuscript: “subbect.”