Thomas Mann Randolph to Edmund Bacon

Dear Sir,

It is so absolutely necessary to me to have as much as 150$ by tomorrow evening to send by express to pay into the Bank of U.S. and Bank of Virginia in Richmond, before 3 o clock on Wednesday next, that I am forced, against my will, to importune you farther, with the offer of the little girl at Edgehill. Do you think it would be possible for us to borrow that money between us by 3 o Clock tomorrow? I should have set off down today, but the hope of succeeding tomorrow so as to do by sending, has stoped me. I am obliged to be in Richmond on the Board of Public Works Week after next and my presence is more wanted now at Edgehill than Varina. Besides my Wife is really ill today.

Could you prevail on your Mother to lend as much money?

Your friend
Th M Randolph
MS (facsimile in Hamilton W. Pierson, Jefferson at Monticello: The Private Life of Thomas Jefferson [New York, 1862], 97–8); dateline below signature; addressed: “Mr Bacon.”
Edmund Bacon
Date Range
May 9, 1819
Pierson, Jefferson at Monticello