Virginia J. Randolph (Trist) to Mrs. and Miss Randolph

My Dear Sisters

On Saturday next the youngsters of Monticello intend to adjourn to the South-Pavilion and dance after Beverley’s music. Elizabeth has promised to illuminate the party by her presence, and if Sister Jane will also honour us with her presence hers, they will we shall consider them ourselves peculiarly favourd, in having the countenance of a Matron of such age and respectabill respectability. Mama thinks we had better invite Mr. Stack as he is we hear, passionately fond of dancing, and it will be a good opportunity for Sister Ellen to commence an acquaintance which it seems she is doomed to make, for Grand Papa intends she shall present him a Standard, for his Scholars who are to form a company, as soon as they can get a Soldier to teach them the manual exercise. She is to make a Speech on presenting the colours which Mr. Stack will answer (perhaps in greek) in which case a translation will be requested for the benefit of those who do not know that language. “pray be agreuble like gurls of spirit

Mama desires me to add as an inducement to Sister Jane that Mr. Garretts family will dine with us on that day.

RC (NcU: NPT); undated; addressed: “Mrs. and Miss Randolph North Milton” and is probably meant for Jane H. Nicholas Randolph and Mary J. Randolph.
Date Range
May 1, 1819 to September 30, 1819