Cornelia J. Randolph to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

My Dear Sister

I send the girls harness to you, as V. told me that you were to dine at Ashton; we did not copy it because we thought it would be a piece of useless extravagance, to buy so much ribbon in Charlottesville when it is so dear, besides we were by no means sure that the whole town could afford a sufficient quantity. Mama says she will send for you to morrow, and you must come by all means, for I want to know what your dress will be and to c[onsu]lt you about mine. She says also that you must take great care of young [. . .] for it was a present from Mr Burwell to sister Ellen and she would not have her to miss seeing it for the world. for who knows what such a piece of attention may preface, I suppose you know the truth of the matter. Poor dear old Mr Vaughan and poor little Pet left us last night in the rain, after staying long enough to give us the pleasure of their company in addition to that of every man of the visitors, a charming squeeze we had, and how they were all stowed away at night I still do not understand, however we liked them both very well, and the crowd did not put us to a degree of inconvenience that we ought to complain of, and I would not have missed seeing all the visitors together on any account, we have all fallen in love with general Brackenridge. They have all left us this morning. If you do not go to Ashton to day can you contrive this box there, in time for the girls to get their harness for the ball. I have a trimming which may suit you.

RC (NcU: NPT); unsigned; stained at seal; addressed: “Mrs Randolph North Milton”; endorsed by recipient:“Cornelia.”
Cornelia Jefferson Randolph
Date Range
March 29, 1819