Virginia General Assembly Resolution on the subject of a system of Public Education

Be it resolved, by the General Assembly, that the President and Directors of the Literary fund be requested to digest, and report to the next General Assembly, a system of public Education, calculated to give effect to the appropriations made to that object by the Legislature, heretofore, and during it’s present session; and to comprehend in such system the establishment of one University, to be called, “The University of Virginia,” and such additional Colleges, Academies, and Schools, as shall diffuse the benefits of education throughout the Commonwealth, and such rules, for the government of such University, Colleges, Academies and Schools, as shall produce economy in the expenditures for the establishment and maintenance, and good order and discipline in the management, thereof—

Agreed to by both Houses of the General Assembly of Virginia.—
Wm Munford, C. H. D—
Tr (DLC); entirely in William Munford’s hand. Tr (Vi). Published in Acts of Assembly [1815–16 sess.], 266–7.