Will of Peter Carr


In the name of God—Amen. I Peter Carr of Albemarle do make this last will in manner and form following

1st It is my desire that all my debts be paid with all convenient expedition: This as to my debts generally: with respect to those two, due to my Sister Cary, and sister Mary, it is submitted to the discretion of my executrix, whether to pay them immediately, or to delay the payment of the principal, paying annually the interest—

2dly I give to my excellent and beloved wife all my estate whatever and wherever, both real and personal, during her life; with the exception of the small, legacies hereafter contained, and to which I am sure, she will feel pleasure, in giving effect.

3dly It is my will, that my children be as well educated as their circumstances will justify, and that at the death of their mother, or at any earlier period that she may choose, all my estate both real and personal, be equally divided among all my children: but as it may happen from circumstances which cannot now be foreseen that some of my children may hereafter be more in want, than others; and as I have the most perfect confidence, in the judgment, principles and maternal affection of their mother, I leave it entirely in her power to controul and modify the division among them, making such distinction in favor of any one or more, as in her sound discretion shall seem proper: I give her also full power to sell the land if in her opinion such sale shall be necessary, to an equal and advantageous division.

4thly My Step son George P. Stevenson has already received, an equal portion of my personal estate,*

*Of real estate however, he has long ago received a warehouse in Baltimore, which rents in good times for 4 or 500$/pr annum

and was offered the same share of my land, which last however, his affectionate and disinterested heart, would not permit him to accept: it is my wish, that, he have, such one of my house servants, as he may select, and his mother approve of.

5thly as tokens of my love, I desire, that neat mourning gold rings, with my hair set in them, be presented to my Sister Cary and my Sister Mary, and also to Martha, Lucy Ann, Virginia and Mary Jane Terrell, daughters of my deceased sister Lucy.

6thly I Leave my watch to my son Dabney, to be given to him whenever, his mother shall think proper.

7thly I request that all my wearing apparel may be given to my Brother Samuel, and also a gold mourning breast pin.

8thly I give to my brother Dabney, my present riding horse.

9thly I leave to my nephew Dabney Terrell, one hundred dollars, to be laid out by him in books

10thly The girl Jenny is the property of my daughter Maria, and the boy Peter of my son Dabney, by the gift of their Aunt Mary—their portions of my estate will be exclusive of these.

11thly It is my wish that in any division of my negroes, which may take place, they may go as much in families as possible.

12thly My brothers and myself have long intended to place a tomb stone, over the ashes of our revered parents: it is my desire that so soon as this can be done, my executrix do contribute from my estate, a full third part of the expence.

13th It is my wish that there shall be no parade at my funeral and that none but relations and particular friends be invited.

14th I wish to be buried in the Monticello grave yard, as near as may be to my father and mother, and to my dear children who have gone before me

15th In every difficulty which may occur, I wish my wife to advise with my excellent friend Wilson C. Nicholas, and also with my brothers.

16th I do constitute and appoint my wife sole executrix of my will: and I direct, that she shall give no security, and that no inventory [or ap]praisement of my estate be taken.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 14th of January 1815.

P: Carr

Signed and acknowledged

in presence of

Christopher Hudson.

D: Minor.

Virginia Terrell.

Tr (ViU: TJP-CC); in Carr’s hand; torn at folds; marginal note in an unknown hand. MS (Albemarle Co. Will Book, 6:129–30).
Peter Carr
Date Range
January 14, 1815
Albemarle Co. Will Book 6:129–30