Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Elizabeth Trist

I brought the inclosed book to this place, the last fall, intending to forward it to you; but having a neighbor here who loves to laugh, I lent it to him to read; he lent it to another, and so it went the rounds of the neighborhood and is returned to me at my Spring visit to this place. I now forward it, and if it diverts you for an hour or two, I shall be gratified by it. I was myself amused by it’s humor as much as it’s object would permit me to be; for that is evidently to deride the republican branches of our government.

PoC (MoSHi: TJC); at foot of text: “Mrs Trist”; endorsed by TJ. Published in PTJRS, 6:610.

The inclosed book was The Diverting History of John Bull and Brother Jonathan. By Hector Bull-us, by James Kirke Paulding (New York, 1812).

Thomas Jefferson
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May 10, 1813
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