Extract from John Edwards Caldwell’s A Tour through Part of Virginia in the Summer of 1808

The library is extensive, and contains, as might indeed be expected, a vast collection of rare and valuable works, on all subjects, and in all languages. Mr. Jefferson has also a large collection of mathematical, philosophical, and optical instruments, and Indian curiosities ...

Published in John Edwards Caldwell, A Tour through Part of Virginia, in the summer of 1808. In a Series of Letters, including an account of Harper’s Ferry, The Natural Bridge, the new discovery called Weir’s Cave, Monticello, and the Different Medicinal Springs, Hot and Cold Baths, Visited by the Author (New York, 1809).
John Edwards Caldwell
Date Range
January 1, 1808 to December 31, 1808
Quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson
American Imprints, Second Series, no. 18769