Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe

mr Madison’s friendship & mine to you being so well known the public will have eagle eyes to watch if we grant you any indulgencies out of the general rule; and on the other hand, the example set in your case will be more cogent on future ones, and produce greater approbation to our conduct. the allowance therefore will be in this & all similar cases, all the expences of your journey and voiage, taking a ship’s cabin to yourself, 9000. D. a year, from your leaving home, till the proceedings of your mission are terminated, & then the quarter’s salary for the expences of your return as prescribed by law.—as to the time of your going, you cannot too much hasten it, as the moment in France is critical.

RC (DLC: James Monroe Papers). PrC (DLC). Published in PTJ, 39:328–31.
Thomas Jefferson
James Monroe
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January 13, 1803
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