George Wythe Randolph to Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge

Dear Sister

I arrived here some time ago from the Mediteranean in a Merchant ship, having returned to prepare for my approaching examination which comes on shortly, as I did’nt know where Mama was I have not written to her yet, I wish you would give me Lewis’s direction when you write as I should like to write to him very much, what is he doing now the that Arkansas is a state, tell me all the news for it is a long time since I’ve heard from home. I shall not be able to leave here untill after my examination as they have increased very much in severity and full as many are rejected as pass, have you heard from Mr Coolidge lately. give him my respects when you write, you must excuse me my dear sister as I feel like any thing but writing and am at best but a poor scribbler, give my lone love to all

Your affectionate brother
Geo Wythe Randolph


direct your letters to Portsmouth instead of Norfolk

RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Letters); addressed: “To Mrs Joseph Coolidge Junr Care of Thomas Bullfinch Eq Boston Mass”; redirected by Bulfinch: “Newport R. I.”; stamped twice; postmarked Portsmouth, 24 Aug., and Boston, 1 Sept.; with notes by Coolidge: “poor Mary Stearns died on the 30th of August”; enclosed in Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 5 Sept. 1836.