Martha Jefferson Randolph to Robley Dunglison

Dear Doctor

This will be delivered to you by Mr Smith a gentleman that was introduced to me a few evenings since, as an english traveller of family and fortune. in passing through Charlottesville on his way to the springs, he is desirous of seeing Our University, and I have taken the liberty of addressing him to you—We have looked so confidently to the pleasure of having Mrs Dunglison and yourself to spend the vacation with us, that I do not think the girls will take any excuse. as to my self I am going immediately to Boston. My poor Ellen has lost one child with the scarlet fever and has been very near losing her eldest also; who is still alarmingly feeble and delicate Mr Coolidge sails for china next month to be absent 18 months, or two years if we cannot prevail upon Ellen to spend the time of his absence in Washington, we must take it by turns to stay with her. Virginia says she is going to write Mrs D— a very long letter very soon, and Septimia says some thing of the same kind—in the mean time we all join in cordial love to you and yours with every feeling of gratitude esteem and affection I remain dear doctor yours unchangeably

M Randolph
RC (NjMoHP: Lloyd W. Smith Collection); dateline at foot of text; endorsed by Dunglison: “Mrs Randolph July 1. 1832.”
Robley Dunglison
Date Range
July 1, 1832