Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Nicholas

About a month ago I sent you Eugenia to mother and about the same time remitted her $400. I presume that both remittances came safely to hand. not a single expression from any of you has had noted the fact. I have not yet recieved the balance of mothers money, as soon as I do I will remit it.

I have noticed observed the proceedings in the Senate Jany 30. I shall not notice them there is a tremendous peice in reserve for Bayard which this transaction may ultimately bring out but at a very distant day. Genl Smiths friends are very much mortified at it and think that he has forgotten. It may turn out that Mr Claytor has not served Mr Bayard.

We have been so terribly thrown out of joint with the MS for want of the engravings as to fail furnishing the subscriber as fast as we could wish: the engravings for 2000 copies are now blocked by ice in Baltimore. I shall write to D.S. Carr to send them to you and if any early & safe opportunity offers to send them to Charlottesville you can do so if not I must send for them specially. I will direct 5 boxes more to be sent to Thompson. I will want whatever funds he may have on hand to the utter most farthing next week: I must get you to arrange it. how soon with him could you get a check on the U. S. Bank Richmond for the amount and remit to me so that I get by the mondays mail or certainly wednesday night: my necessities will not admit of delay. What is the State of Matter with Poor $500 is all that has ever been recieved: would it not be well to settle with him and get him to give a negotiable note with a good endorser taking his own time to pay say sixty or ninety days or even 6 months to secure it.

We shall expect Mother & some of the girls to spend the summer with us, would not it be well to send the children with her: in our summer vacation we will have room for Virginia and the others when we can hope to see them also. after this summer I hope to be able to do without our school, when we should expect them to break up at Washington and spend their summer with us. it will be very advantageous to the children

affectionately yours
Th J Randolph