Martha Jefferson Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Nicholas

It was so late monday evening when I received your letter that it was impossible to answer it by that mail. but Jefferson wrote to Col Peyton by the next to forward 100$ and I intended writing by the same to you to let you know what I had done; but was detained by company till too late which was of little importance as Jefferson did what was necessary—we have been entirely disappointed by the boat man who took the furniture and promised to have it in at Richmond o by saturday evening if there was water enough to carry it down, which the other boat men said there was not; but unfortunatly trusting to his word, the furniture was delivered to him, and now his boat which was to have been in place last sunday has not arrived yet and if he does not get it before monday next I shall have to engage another. he promises however to get off by monday the 19th, Richard with will then leave Richmond the 25th and arrive in Washington tuesday the 27th. I shall send Emily off by the tuesday’s the 20th stage so that the girls will probably arrive a day before her. [. . .] I do not wish to get there with the children untill you have had time to get the furniture in place—after Richard’s arrival you may expect us by the first steamboat after that, say thursday the 29th. Septimia will go on with Mrs Higginbotham and the plate trunk shall be sent by them. we propose setting off th tuesday 27th and going the first day as far as Col. Lindsay’s and making two days from that to the steamboat, which will prevent the necessity of taking the children out [. . .] early in the morning or keeping them late in the evening. adieu till the 29th when I hope to deliver my little charges safe in to your hands in a terrible hurry yours


John Hemmings will pack your books and they [. . .] shall be delivered to Mr Davis Ben is at the University & Lewis in Richmond but probably Raphael will send the catalogues you ask I will tell him in going through town

RC (NcU: NPT); dateline adjacent to signature; addressed: “To Nicholas P. Trist Esqr Washington D.C.”; stamped; postmarked Everettsville, 16 Oct.; endorsed by Trist: “Randolph, Martha Oct. 16. 29.”