Hore Browse Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

I have Just received yr last and the enclosed about the Advocate. [. . .] un homme sans le sou. You had better come as soon as possible,—There have been some applications for books & the applicants are put off until your arrival Mr Van Buren will return to day. & there will be perhaps something to do—I have been without employment at the office for several days—I like the situation well enough as yet, except that I do not write a clerks hand, which is a great disadvantage. Bring with you—Thinard’s chymistry & the Madan’s Juvenal I gave you—if convenient—Is Cooper’s Justinian among the Unsold books of Mr Jefferson? A letter from [Doverae?] came Which I opened as I thought I recognised the hand He is afraid that some malicious person has purchased some of his notes (I wish they Would) and [. . .] has Sent them on to Washington for Collection & wants you to interfere. Richard is waiting to go to meeting so I must End. I wont kiss Jef this time as he is a lazarus but only Patgive my love &c

H B T.
RC (DLC: NPT); undated; addressed: “N. P Trist Everettesville, Albemarle Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Washington City, 3 Aug.; endorsed by N. Trist: “Trist, H. B. Aug. 3. 29”; with unrelated notes on address cover in N. Trist’s hand.
Hore Browse Trist
Date Range
August 3, 1829