Nicholas P. Trist to Virginia J. Randolph Trist

I have been waiting several days, dearest, in the expectation of having time to write you a letter; but I must not let this post pass, if I send only a line. I literally have not had time to write. The branch permanently assigned to me makes this the busiest time of the year; & it will continue so for several weeks. Yesterday, from 9 till 4 I was here & had not five minutes rest. Immediately after dinner I had to go to the Intelligence office, on some business of the University sent to me by mr Madison—then to Mr Livingston’s—(in whose hands Browse’s interests are, with good chance of success) then to Poor’s auction room, to attend the last sale. Got back at 10½, so tired, that I could not command the exertion to go to work with Poors acct book, which I had brought with me for the purpose.

For the last fortnight, my usual bed hour has been from 1 to 2 o’clock.—Coming home at 12 or after, hungry, induced to eat; & then having to sit up a while, to digest. Adieu.

Your own.

Jefferson’s letter is recd. I calculate with certainty on having the proceeds of the books in Richmd before the 18th—I have bid in a good many of them. Some, because intentionally, because they did not approach their value; a few, unintentionally, being caught, or left in the lurch rather, in attempting to bid them up. I am sure that, from my constant attendance & the favorable situation which allowed me to bid on every book, witht being seen, all the prices have been double, perhaps in many instances treble & quadruple what they wd have been if I had been away. Those on hand may therefore be considered clear gain; and they will sell well in Boston or Cambridge, among the students: being among the most valuable classics. The 2 volumes of MS Records of Va Company, Thompson began to bid 5 dollars a volume for. I carried him up to $115 the volume. I afterwds learnt he bought for U.S. library. I had written to Everett on the subject. The other bundle of worm eaten MSS, belonging to the same set, he began to bid for in the same way. I carried him on to $125 or 130.——Poor has not extended all the Accts & can’t give me an idea of the amt. as soon as I can I’ll send it to Jeffn

Good bye to all of you
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mrs N. P. Trist Care of Thos. J. Randolph Everettesville Albemarle County Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Washington City, 12 Mar.