Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Nicholas

Ben has returned but the waggons are still out and loaded with plaister from Fredericksburg which I think I shall regret. Poor James is infinitely worse and if some change does not take place can not hold long. Ben brings us the report of the death of Young Lee who from Fauquier, known to have been very ill and Young Mathew the son of Mr Proctor of Milton is ill in Leesburg These make with the younger elder Azlett 23. students who have taken the disease: six have died and the others not all [. . .] well. in mortality nearly equal to the Philadelphia Yellow fever.

Ben Tells me the Life of Washington by Marshall was filled with notes in my grand fathers hand writing: might there not be some which prudence would require not to be published during Marshalls life? will you get a sight of them from Thomson whom I understood purchased them, and if there are, try & get the work back from him if he is willing to give it up: if he will not, request him that he will not suffer it to be seen untill we can take some further advisement upon the subject. Will you have the nett proceeds of the books remitted to Richmond thru the U S. bank to my credit forthwith and inform me of it and the A amount. I have a heavy demand in bank to meet on the 18th and must know in time to make my arrangements accordingly. will answer by return mail—Titus has returned all safe. Virginia & mother still at Carys brook

yours affectionately
Th: J Randolph

P.S. Mr Madison sent me the copies of two letters taken by you one to himself and at the other to J Adams in Dec & Jany .96 & .97 sent to him by you. I did not exactly understand the how & wherefore

RC (DLC: NPT); endorsed by Trist: “Randolph. T. J. March 6. 29.”