Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

My dear Nicholas

I see that Mr J’s books are to be sold in Washington: by the recommendation of my friends, I wish you would send on Catalogues for distribution: any, Member of Congress, not exceedingly conscientious, will frank the packet for you: they should be sent, also, to the other cities, not forgetting Richmond.

I have heard nothing from you respecting the paper for “Jeffersons Works”—; in the mean while Wells & Lilly have a new edition of his “notes” in press!—let the geographies come as soon as possible.

always, yrs,
J.C jr.

This is a business letter, and the postage should be chgd to expence in the books; but cannot you tell me of some way to save you this charge hereafter?

give me a name for My boy.

RC (DLC: NPT); partially dated; addressed: “To Nicholas P. Trist: Department of State—Washington: D. C.”; stamped; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge, J. Jany 1829.”