Martha Jefferson Randolph’s Indenture Selling Thomas Jefferson’s Land to Martin Dawson

This Indenture made and entered into this first day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, between Martha Randolph the only heir & devisee of Thomas Jefferson deceased, and Thomas J Randolph Executor of the said Thomas Jefferson deceased, of the one part, and Martin Dawson of the other all of the County of Albemarle Witnesseth, That the said Martha Randolph heir, and the said Thomas J Randolph executor as aforesaid in consideration of the sum of two thousand nine hundred and ninety two dollars & twenty five cents to them in hand paid by the said Martin Dawson, hath given, granted, bargained and sold unto the said Martin Dawson, a certain parcel of land in the same County on the Rivanna River and adjoining the Town of Milton containing by estimation five hundred and seventy nine and a half acres, be the same more or less and bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at the said Martin Dawson’s line on suttler road at a corner white oak & sapling pointers Fence N 49½ E fourteen poles S 42¼ eight and a half poles N 79. E. thirty eight poles, S 76. E fourteen poles S 59 E. eleven poles N 62. E eight poles N 48 E sixty eight poles N 35½ E. twenty eight poles N. 65½ E fifty one poles N 69. E forty poles N 45½ E twenty six poles N 74 E twenty eight poles S 74. E. four to the Milton line with the line of Milton and the said Martin Dawson’s to William D. Meriwether’s line, thence with the said W. D. Meriwether’s twenty two poles to the sd River, thence up the said River four hundred and seven poles, to the mouth of a branch just below the Shadwell Mills, thence up the said branch, S 11. E sixteen poles S 14. E sixteen poles to a sycamore & cedar on the road up the said River to Charlottesville, thence up the said Road N 35 W fourteen poles N 73. W eight poles S 57½ W twenty two and a half poles S 49. W sixteen poles S 3 E eighteen poles N 71 W thirteen poles S 62 W thirty two poles S 88. W thirty eight poles S 67 W three poles S 85½ W thirty seven poles to the Indian branch, thence up the same S 27 ⅓ W seventy poles S 13 W eighteen poles S 30¼ E twenty five & a half poles to red oak & hicory sapling pointers, thence S 29¼ E two hundred and fourteen poles to the beginning; out of the said boundary of land, seventy acres is deducted for the town of Milton & two acres near the Warehouse, which belong to the said Martin Dawson and William D Fitch on which they have a Lumber house each, to have and to hold the said parcel of land with its appurtenances to him the said Martin Dawson and his heirs, and the said Martha Randolph and Thomas J. Randolph executor of Thomas Jefferson deceased their heirs executors & administrators the said parcel of land with its appurtenances (except the said seventy acres for the Town of Milton, the said two acres belonging to the said Martin Dawson & William D Fitch and three tenths of sixteen acres supposed to include a Mill site and claimed by some of the heirs of Bennet Henderson) to the said Martin Dawson and his heirs will forever warrant and defend, against the claims of all persons whatsoever except those above mentioned. In witness whereof the said Martha Randolph & Thomas J. Randolph executor of Thomas Jefferson decd do hereunto set their hands and affix their seals the day & year aforesaid

signed sealed & delivered } Martha Randolph {seal}
in presence of Th: Jefferson Randolph {seal}
B. F Randolph executor of Th. Jefferson decd
John Howard
William W Dawson

In the clerk’s office of Albemarle County Court the 2nd day of March 1829

This deed was presented to me in said office, and acknowledged by Thomas J. Randolph executors of Tho: Jefferson decd party thereto, & continued; and at another day to wit, in said office, the 3d March 1829. the same was proved before me by the oath of Wm W Dawson a witness thereto, as to Martha Randolph, and continued; and at another to wit, the 6th April 1829. The same was further proved before me in said office by the Oath of Mr Howard another witness thereto, as to Martha Randolph & continued; and at another day to wit, in said office, the 21st August 1829, the same was fully proved before me by the oath of Ben: Randolph, and Thereupon admitted to record—


Ira Garrett D. C.
MS (Albemarle Co. Deed Book, 23:118–19).
Martin Dawson
Date Range
January 1, 1829
Albemarle Co. Deed Book