Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

dear N.


I have recd your last, June 19: Mary’s had in a degree prepared us for its contents: We are in hourly expectation of hearing from you again—: owing to my absence the your letter was opened by Ellen, who was much distressed, but is now more composed. I thank you for the minuteness of your details—continue to send us every circumstance which can interest her, and make less sensible to the distance which separates her from her family.—I have recd Mother’s letter to myself, and shall answer it as soon as possible, but have been much occupied, and not very well of late:—I wrote to yr. firm about a printer and am waiting an answer—let me have one soon.—I send by to-days mail Brougham’s speech—:

Tell Long that a new line of packets from this to Liverpool has just been established, new ships, and well found with skilful Captains—: ships of from 400 to 500 tons—; in the last were 24 passengers, ladies & gentlemen from this place—: By coming here Mr Long would see a most interesting part of our country,—and might reach Boston in 22 hours from New York.The ships sail on the 1st of every month. price $140. for a cabin passenger, and the same sum for a servant and child:The ship which sails on the 1. July is the one in wh. I returned from Europe, & that which leaves on 1st of August is a New ship called The Dover —They are incomparable vessels.

In great haste, adieu.
J. C jr.

There will probably be not so many passengers on 1. August, as heretofore.

RC (DLC: NPT); partially dated at foot of text.