Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

My dear Nicholas

The bearer Mr Higginson, of Cambridge, is a most excellent and valuable person, who is about visiting Va—has been very well acquainted with mother during her stay here, and one to whom we all wish you to pay every attention in your power.He may be accompanied by Prof. Norton, of Cambridge University, who is Dexter Prof. of Sacred literature, and one of the most thorough Scholars in our country. I have mentioned them in a letter to Dunglison, and commit them to you in like manner, assuring you that they are deserving of every attention.

I have but a moment, but feel that nothing more is necessary to secure them all good offices on yr. part. I shall send the india rubber over shoes to mr Madison, by Mr Higginson, who is the bearer of a letter to him from Mother.

Farewell, Yr,
J. C jr.

list of articles in the next N. A. R

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RC (DLC: NPT); endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge, J. recd May 7. 28”; with note by Trist: “Mr H. sent this letter, being delayed at Farley, Culpeper.”