Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

My dear N.

I have the pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Lieber; his name is already known to you, having been mentioned in former letters of mine: He came to this country to establish a Gymnasium and swimming school in Boston, and has done so with full success; Dr Lieber has also given lessons in German to gentlemen studying that language: he has been a traveller in Europe, and seen some of the distinguished men, particularly of the Continent, and is I believe the intimate friend of Niebuhr, the historian, the same who not long since discovered in the libraries of Verona, and Rome, several ancient manuscripts, of which an acct has been given in the N. A. Review.

Dr Lieber I have every reason to believe an excellent person—tho. it seems to me that he clear that he does not well understand this country—and is disappointed at not finding that entire freedom from abuses, here, that he had fondly hoped was to be expected in a republick—I mean nothing unkind or disrespectful when I say that he seems imbued with opinions which we call German, and which have their essence in a good deal of mysticism and impossibility.He is however, entitled to every attention which I can render him, having brought letters to me from Europe—and I introduce him to you therefore, with the request that you will pay him the honors of Monticello and the University, making him known to the Professors, &c and then direct him to Mr Madison’s, furnishing, if necessary, the proper introduction.

I need not say that “The Rector of the University” may can obtain from him every information respecting the German colleges, and that he can also solve your queries about a gymnasium—being the individual to whom I was about to make application for such information in yr behalf.I have said more than and enough to insure him every kindness at yr. hands; and I feel that I am doing him a service and I trust gratifying you all, by this letter, which gives him a valuable pro. tem. acquaintance, and the girls an oppty. of talking about Boston.

Yrs. ever, dr N.
J. C jr

Dr Lieber will take charge of letters etc, if you have any, on his return

RC (DLC: NPT); undated; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (J.) recd March 3. 28.”