Joseph Coolidge to Thomas Jefferson Randolph

My dear Sir,

The Trustees of the Atheneum understanding from me that a large collection of pamphlets existed at Monticello, belonging to Mr Jefferson, have desired me to inquire what you proposed to do with them; And, if for sale, what is their value. I ventured to tell them that I presumed they would be sent to Washington to be sold with the books, or, if not, that they might be purchased for a small amo. as they now are. Can you tell me to what they relate? are they historical, or political, or Scientific? of early, or of recent date? is there an index of them? have they been classified? or do they remain as I saw them in a mass upon the library floor? if you did not think them of sufficient importance to send to the sale would are you be disposed to part with them to the Trustees? an institution like the Atheneum, is the proper receptacle for pamphlets, which oftentimes are more important to posterity than to the present time; there is a very extensive collection already made, (and which is increasing daily,) in the institution just named, and the gentlemen connected with it are very anxious to have it [as] complete as possible. Will you have the goodness to answer these questions by an early opportunity,

and oblige, Yrs. truly.
J. Coolidge jr.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); on verso of recycled address cover; partial dateline at foot of text; year based on repository record; addressed: “To T. Jefferson Randolph.”