John Ramsay to Martha Jefferson Randolph

Dear Madam,

I have the honor to acknowledge the rect of your letter from Cambridge, with the accompanying power of Attorney, which I am happy to say, will enable me to bring the buisiness of the stock to a speedy close; when the proceeds shall be placed, in the Branch Bank in Richmond, to the credit of your son, Mr Jefferson Randolph.

There was half a years interest due on the 1st of July, which, according to your directions, I send to you, through Mr Coolidge of Boston.

It accidentally came to my knowledge that fifty two dollars which had been subscribed some time ago for the Benefit of Mr Jeffersons family, was in one of our Banks; & which the committee were not apprized of when they made their remittence. This sum I have procured & added to the draught. The interest being payable half yearly cannot again be drawn till Jany, therefore whatever may be due on the 2nd half year, say two months, must go with the stock & will of course add so much to its value.

Permit me to assure you, that any agency, which I have had, in originating this measure, so creditable to the State & which has produced such pleasant results, carries with it its own reward. Nothing could induce me to forgo [the grat]ification I feel on the occ[a]sion. It has been but an act of common justice to the Memory of that great & good man, Your illustrious Father America knows not yet, what she ows to his wise & patriotic exhers exertions. Every passing year affords fresh testimony of the profoundness of1 his views, the purity of his intentions & the soundness of his principles. with the most respectful regard I have the Honor Dr Madam to

subscribe myself your Most Obt Sert
John Ramsay.—
RC (DLC: TJ Papers, ser. 6); lower left corner torn; addressed: “To Mrs M. Randolph Cambridge.”
1Manuscript: “of of.”
John Ramsay
Date Range
September 29, 1827