Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

dear N.

I hoped to have heard, this morning, the result of the Trustees meeting—: who is the successful candidate? is it Walker? Since writing in his favor I have heard that Harker and Nulty probably were competitors; there can be no doubt that these men, as mathematicians, are far before Walker—; but they are of most difficult and impracticable tempers, and have created diff trouble wherever they have been:—there are others perhaps to whom this objection does not apply—such as Dr Anderson of New York, and most especially Prof. Farrar of Cambridge, but these persons probably would not present themselves! though I have [. . .] thought the latter would have accepted if the place had been offered him! Send me a list of the names before the board, I should be glad to see who consider themselves fit for such a post.—In answer to yr. inquiries about a Gymnasium—Dr Lieber, a Prussian, has just arrived in Boston, having been sent for, solely, to establish a swimming school, and gymnasium: he brought me a letter of introduction from London, and I will immediately propose to him yr. queries, and forward his answer:—Letters from albemarle tell me the Col. is there again; his plan clearly is to work his way again into Monticello, or rather the family—: this has clearly had an effect upon mother’s Spirits, which else were excellent.—you have twice mentioned to me a “route” for the Lebranches—in compliance with yr. request I now send one, and am sorry that it is not in my power to add letters of introduction. let them follow the plan I give them till they reach Boston, and then we will see what more can be done for them.I am in great haste, and close with the request that if you have not already subscribed for the Va Advocate, on my a/c, you need not,—Seeing You are not to be engaged as Co-Editor.

Evr, yrs.
J. C jr.

I shall write one of these days more fully.

Rout for two Strangers.

From New York up the Hudson; visit West Point;

Land at the foot of the Catskill Mountains,

Stage to Albany;

Schenectady to Niagara;

Steam Boat to Prescott;

Down the St Lawrence to Quebec:—Falls of Mt. Morency &c.

Back to Montreal,

To Lake Champlain,

Steamboat to Ticonderogue;

To Lake George; Steamboat to Fort George;

By Glens Falls to the Springs;

To Troy, examine the Locks &c;

To Whitehall;

Steam Boat to Burlington;

Along the Onion River, & White River, to Dartmouth College:

Down the Connecticut to Northampton: thence by Springfield,

Ware, & Worcester, to Boston.

From Boston it would be well to make two or three distinct excursions, one into Maine, to the celebrated notch in the White mountains; another to Lowell, & Chelmsford, where are the most perfect and admirably arranged Factories in the U:S:A.—afterwards to visit the chain of Lakes, 15 or 20 in number, which lie about Boston; and then pass a day or two at Nahant, visiting Cambridge, Salem, Brooklyn &c in the vicinity of Boston.

We have heard nothing of Peachy Gilmer. Say to Mr Brockenbrough that I shall write him, tomorrow, if possible about the insurance &c upon the Clock, as he desired.

RC (DLC: NPT); with the route in an unknown hand; addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist: Charlottesville Albemarle County Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Boston, 18 July; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (J.) recd July 16. 27 With route for a summer tour. ”