E. S. Davis to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dear Madam:

It is with feelings of the proudest sensibility that I now address you. The Legislature of this State on this day, with the magnanimity ever characteristic of its proceedings unanimously voted Ten thousand Dollars for the use and benefit of the child of him who penned the declaration of Independence.

This much I have taken the liberty of stating as a Member of the Legislature of this State.

Permit me now to recur to the occasion on which I had the pleasure of seeing you in the presence of your venerable and distinguished father.

In passing from Washington in the summer of 1823 I called at Monticello for a few Moments when I had the satisfaction of seeing you & your father.

I shall never forget the polite attention with which he treated me by calling on me the next day at Charlottesville.

But independent of this I in common with the people of America owe him a gratitude and veneration which we can never pay. You will excuse me for thus addressing you. I have not the pleasure of an acquaintance with Gov. Randolph therefore it could not be expected that I should write to him.

With sentiments of high respect I am your Obdt Sert
E. S. Davis

P.S. My address–Doctor E. S. Davis Abbeville So Ca

RC (DLC: TJ Papers, ser. 6); addressed: “Mrs Randolph Monticello.”
E.S. Davis
Date Range
December 20, 1826