James Barbour to Martha Jefferson Randolph

My dear Madam.

I have availed myself of the first opportunity that presented itself to perform an act so much wished for as well by Colo Randolph as his family and so congenial with my own feelings that of giving him public employment—It is as a Commissioner on the part of the U. States to run the dividing line between Georgia and Florida—It is true the situation is a temporary one—but I hope by or before its completion to be able to place him in some permanent employment—Such are my wishes—Necessity only will prevent it—I hasten to give you this small earnest of the deep solicitude I feel in whatever concerns you—To the Gratitude common with every American for your illustrious Father I feel many strong personal obligations for many instances of kindness which I received at his hands—To repay the debt in part by acts of kindness to his Descendants is most grateful to my heart.

Accept assurances of my respect and friendship
James Barbour
RC (DLC: TJ Papers, ser. 6).
James Barbour
Date Range
November 9, 1826