Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

My dear N.

I have hastily answered Gen. Cocke’s letter; and, as he desired, direct it to yourself, as Secretary &c.

We were very glad to learn, by Virginia’s last, how good little Martha has become; and that Mr was on her way: I trust Jefferson will come as far as Boston; we look for them on Friday Eveg. this is Tuesday.

I am well; affairs prosperous;—Ellen well, and growing fat; Yesterday President Kirkland delivered an address before Academy of Arts & Sciences upon the literary characters of this late President Adams and Mr Jefferson. Ellen furnished the chief materials for this last, and they were used, in great part, in her own [. . .] words.

Yrs. Ever,—
J. C Jr.

love to the girls.

RC (DLC: NPT); addressed: “To Nicholas P: Trist: Secretary to Board of Visitors, &c—Charlottesville, albemarle County: Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Boston, 31 Oct.; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (Joseph) Boston Oct. 31. 1826.” Enclosure: Joseph Coolidge to John Hartwell Cocke, 31 Oct. 1826.
Date Range
October 31, 1826