Martha Jefferson Randolph to Ann C. Morris

Thank you dear Sister for your kind letter. This sad winter is gone, but the misfortunes which have marked it’s progress are as irremediable in themselves as the recollection of them will be lasting and bitter. Mr Bankhead’s conduct has been extremely kind and proper; he has given me the most precious relick of My sainted child, her only daughter and the poor little infant who cost us the precious life of his mother.

I wrote you a long letter sometime in december giving you an account of the Sale of Edgehill and the melancholy situation of your poor brother little did I then suspect how much greater trials awaited me—

One bitter pang however I have been spared me by My father’s having obtained permission to dispose of his property by a lottery; that of seeing him in his old age turned out from the home of his affection; and the scene of his most useful labours, to a new home and a new neighbourhood where although he is much loved, yet the society is very different from what he has been accustomed to always and what he enjoys at Monticello. that storm has past us, and what ever way it may terminate yet he is safe during his life at least. I hope I need not assure you how happy it will make me to see Gouverneur and your self. Jefferson and Cornelia spent but one day in New York and that day they were prevented from seing you by a continued snow. Mann is [. . .] no doubt with you before this

I presume you have heard of the birth of Ellen’s daughter, dear Virginia is treading close upon her heels and Anne Jones is following their example. adieu dear Sister remember me affectionately to Gouverneur of whom every thing that all that I hear disposes me to find him everything that can gratify the mo heart as well as the pride of his friends. present to him and accept for your self the affection of your sincere friend and Sister

M Randolph
RC (PPAmP: Smith-Houston-Morris-Ogden Family Papers); dateline below signature; addressed: “To Mrs Gouverneur Morris Morrissania Harlaem Post office Near New York”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville, 2 May.