Lafayette to Martha Jefferson Randolph

I Most Affectionately thank you, my dear friend, for the letter I Have Received on the moment of my departure. Melancholy it Has Been, indeed, to Hear that Your Beloved father was Not Better and that the Omission of One night’s Laudanum Has Caused So much pain. the doctor Had Hopes to Remove it [. . .] to much longer intervals, and from my Conversations with M. de Segur whom I Have found Here I am Confirmed in my Sense of the instance I Had mentionned. Be pleased to Continue Your much wanted Bulletins.

We Had Every [. . .] motive to Be Satisfied with our Ship, our Captain, and all inhabitants of the Brandywine, as well as with our passage which, altho’ it Has Been Rough, was very short, and Brought us in 24 days to a meeting, at Havre, with a part of my family; the Remainder I Have found Here: we Have Been very kindly welcomed By the people; [. . .] the Obstacle thrown in their way By Government Have missed their object and proved unavailing. I am now Surrounded By So many friends that I shall only take time to offer to your father, to you, to Every person of your family the tender and Respectful Sentiments of my children, m. de tracy who is with us, Le Vasseur; I will not Go to paris Before the Next week. Remember me to the members of the university, to all friends, particularly to mr and mrs madison when you See or write to them. and Receive, all of you, my most affectionate wishes and friendship

RC (DLC: TJ Papers, ser. 6).