Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas P. Trist

My dear Nicholas—

a fine fellow—a clergman by name John Brazer, (now a unitarian preacher in Salem, about 15 miles from Boston,) who when I was at Cambridge was the latin tutor, is going south—perhaps, to Monticello; and has offered to take charge of any thing we may wish to send. Ellen gives him a line to Grandfather, and I this to yourself; asking you to accompay him to the University, and introduce him to the Professors: he will take for you the little vols upon latin Syntax wh. in a late letter I mentioned having recd , and I believe one or two remembrances from E. to her friends.As soon as I heard of his intended visit I called upon Hilliard—who tells me that your books have been recd , and are in part sold; in a few days he will write you respecting them: I then went to the apothecarys about yr. “quinine”, but Ellen was with me and advised me not to purchase it, saying if it was for yourself [. . .] there was no further occasion for it, your health being returned; at all events that I had better write first, as there would be other opportunities to send it if, as I supposed, it was designed for the University: so that you will tell me as to this, when you write.This Brazer is an occasional contributor to our literary journals—and wrote a few years since for “the North American ” a review of “Pickering’s on greek pronunciation” and for the Theological Examiner an article upon Chalmers’s “christianity in connection with Modern Astronomy ” this I shall endeavour to send you by him. at the same time he takes with him a packet for Dr Dunglison from one of our medical men, Dr Chaning a lecture upon, I believe, “obstetrics”, who in consequence of a conversation had with him sends Robley some nos of his journal, and a letter, proposing a correspondence, &c: Have you seen the last N. A. Review . We are all in hot water about it here: Ticknor has quarrelled with Sparks the editor, and has determined to write no more for it, and so have sundry other friends of his: this I am afraid will have a bad effect upon the Review .

John Quincy Adams is here: I dined in company with him on Friday, and went to the theatre with E. afterwards: he was present, and Cooper appeared in Macbeth: years have passed since I saw Cooper last; and in that time he has grown old, and I fastidious: his acting disappointed me, and Ellen herself was far from being satisfied. he rants extravagantly, and looks bloated and sottish. this afternoon we are going to visit old President Adams, his son is with him and we shall have a fine sight—for if there were no other reason why to rejoice at the success of J:Q:A the delight it gives his father, an old revolutionary champion, would suffice to determine me. tomorrow, too, we dine with General Dearborn to meet the President & lady, and in the evening we are to be at Miss Hinckleys, one of the best houses in the city: among the visitors to Boston, lately have been the Livingstons and their Gdfather General Lewis: the elder, Miss Julia, is celebrated, and certainly with justice, as being well educated—and the younger Gertrude is thought pretty: but they were not pleased with Boston, complained of our want of hospitality &c, for, tho. noticed a great deal, they did not receive the homage of wh. waits upon them in New York.—I mention them, for Ellen tells me they are known to you. Soon we are to have Miss Cora—she of course will turn all heads;—Boston will be very very gay this winter: there are many marriages about to take place, and these will lead to endless parties. I repeat I wish you were here; not for the parties only, but for the comforts of our fireside.In a day or two we shall know, certainly, when the piano can be forwarded: at present all I can say is—you may depend upon having a good one.We are waiting for the arrival of Ellen’s books—she means to study Spanish this winter, and has a teacher already engaged: She is in health and spirits, and constantly wishing that mother could see how she is situated, and be with her, where it but for a day.

Remember me dear N. to Virginia, Cornelia, Mary Tim, George, and all, at home; and to friends at Tufton & Charlottesville.

Tell Aunt Bet. that we are well.

J: C Jr.
RC (DLC: NPT); dateline at foot of text; addressed: “To Nicholas Philip Trist Esqre Monticello Charlottesville; Albemarle Cy Virginia” by “Revd J. Brazer”; endorsed by Trist: “Coolidge (J). Boston Oct. 10.–25.”
Date Range
October 10, 1825