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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Cary Nicholas, 2 Apr. 1816 [Quote]

I would strongly recommend to their consideration, instead of one immense building, to have a small one for every professorship, arranged at proper distances around a square, or rather three sides of a square, to admit extension, connected by a piazza so that they may go dry from one school to...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson's Autobiography, 6 Jan.-29 July 1821 [Quote]

I was written to in 1785. (being then in Paris) by Directors appointed to superintend the building of a Capitol in Richmond, to advise them as to a plan, and to add to it one of a prison. thinking it a favorable opportunity of introducing into the state an example of architecture in the classic...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 23 July 1821 [Quote]

I now inclose the drawings you desired. every thing proposed in them is in the plainest style, and will be cheap altho’ requiring skill in the workmanship. without that it will be rendered barbarous in the execution. of one truth I have had great experience that ignorant workmen are always...