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Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Bennett Taylor, 17 Feb. 1865

your letter of the 9th has been received. You had not then got Mr C–s enclosure, the answer to our representative, Mr Rice and the few words added by himself. Matters do not look very hopeful for your exchange. yet I hope on, and remember that “relief is often nearest when it appears at the...

Charlotte R. Robinson to Bennett Taylor, 18 Feb. 1865

I heard yesterday that quite a number of Officers had left Johnsons Island last Saturday & again last night some passed through here. I do not know that it is true. I presume you would have written to me if you had been amongst the number. I went last Monday to ask Mrs Trist to write to Mr...

Ellen W. Randolph Coolidge to Bennett Taylor, 21 Feb. 1865

My son Algernon received a letter from my brother Jefferson, yesterday, dated 3d February, perhaps even later news than you have received. All well. I write principally to say that I feel to-day more encouraged in the matter of your exchange than I have done yet. Mr C. who has been unremitting in...

Charlotte R. Robinson to Bennett Taylor, [4? 7?] Mar. 1865

Mrs Emley & myself returned from Washington last night. Gen. Hancock who is the principal person there for the arrangement of the exchange of prisoners promised us, to have you, & Lieut: Moncure, sent from Johnsons Island amongst the first that are now to leave. I am sorry I could not go,...

Jane H. Nicholas Randolph to Lucy Colston Taylor, 2 Aug. 1865

I offered my congratulations to Bennett this morning, & I cannot sleep to night without tendering the same to you my dear Lucy (as I hope you will allow me hereafter to address you) on the happy relation in which you stand to each other Bennett will tell you that I have loved him more than...