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Harriet F. Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, [ca. 1816-1817]

When I received your note my dearest life, my heart reproached me for the omission of which you spoke, but believe me it was entirely accidental & occasioned I sup now suppose by the haste in which I wrote, & the frequent twinges of the Col. which made my note so brief & so illegible...

Lafayette to Mary J. Randolph, 18–21 Aug. 1825

I am the first to write on Your Book, dear Mary Jefferson Randolph: the first I shall Ever be Among Your friends to love You and Your dear family, to Bestow Upon You, in Every Circumstance of Your life, the paternal good Wishes and feelings Which I am Happy to Be Entitled to Express

Thomas Mann Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, 12 Dec. 1826

I thank you for the recent pleasing information from Boston. I am not surprized to hear that you all caught colds upon the transition from such a house as Monticello to that at Tufton. I received the other Albion yesterday & inclose it now. I am hurrying my departure all in my power and begin...

Thomas Mann Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, 12 Dec. 1826

I send you two Albions Nos. 23 & 25: Nov. 18. & Dec. 2d. of that intervening I know nothing. I was quite unwell from a most distressing jaw ache the early part of last week. I had been compelled to extract a very large jaw tooth myself, on acct of toothache, & it unluckily broke &...