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Harriet F. Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, [ca. 1816-1817]

When I received your note my dearest life, my heart reproached me for the omission of which you spoke, but believe me it was entirely accidental & occasioned I sup now suppose by the haste in which I wrote, & the frequent twinges of the Col. which made my note so brief & so illegible...

Thomas Mann Randolph to His Daughters, 28 July 1821

The steam Boat goes at 6 oclock tomorrow morning very punctually. I have sent to Varina allready to give notice that we were coming. Phil will attend you with the carriage very early. To arrive in time you must be up by 4. oclock. We will set out for Varina from the steam Boat, on board of which...

Lafayette to Mary J. Randolph, 18–21 Aug. 1825

I am the first to write on Your Book, dear Mary Jefferson Randolph: the first I shall Ever be Among Your friends to love You and Your dear family, to Bestow Upon You, in Every Circumstance of Your life, the paternal good Wishes and feelings Which I am Happy to Be Entitled to Express

Thomas Mann Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, 12 Dec. 1826

I thank you for the recent pleasing information from Boston. I am not surprized to hear that you all caught colds upon the transition from such a house as Monticello to that at Tufton. I received the other Albion yesterday & inclose it now. I am hurrying my departure all in my power and begin...

Thomas Mann Randolph to Mary J. Randolph, 12 Dec. 1826

I send you two Albions Nos. 23 & 25: Nov. 18. & Dec. 2d. of that intervening I know nothing. I was quite unwell from a most distressing jaw ache the early part of last week. I had been compelled to extract a very large jaw tooth myself, on acct of toothache, & it unluckily broke &...