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Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Rev. William Smith, 19 Feb. 1791 [Quote]

The succession to Dr Franklin at the court of France, was an excellent school of humility. on being presented to any one as the Minister of America, the common-place question, used in such cases, was ‘c’est vous, Monsieur, qui remplace le Docteur Franklin?’ ‘it is you, Sir, who replace Doctor...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Harry Innes, 7 Mar. 1791 [Quote]

I receive with pleasure this recognition & renewal of our former acquaintance, and shall be happy to continue it by an exchange of epistolary communications. your’s to me will be always welcome; your first gives me information in the line of Natural history, & the second (not yet recieved...

Caroline Tufton (Barham) to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 21 Mar. 1791

You cannot imagine my dear Mrs Randolph, how happy I was to hear from you, particularly as it was so long since I had written, that I began to fear you had either you had either never received my letter, or that you had quite forgot me; for though I was very glad to hear you were so happily...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Peters, 30 June 1791 [Quote]

call on me, in your turn, whenever you come to town: and if it should be about the hour of three, I shall rejoice the more. You will find a bad dinner, a good glass of wine, and a host thankful for your favor, and desirous of encouraging repetitions of it without number, form or ceremony.

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Banneker, 30 Aug. 1791 [Quote]

no body wishes more than I do to see such proofs as you exhibit, that nature has given to our black brethren, talents equal to those of the other colours of men, & that the appearance of a want of them is owing merely to the degraded condition of their existence both in Africa & America.

Thomas Mann Randolph (1741–93) to Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 Feb 1792

Ben Hughes, I suppose, will write to you by this Opportunity, giving an Acct of your Affairs at Varina, which are distressing as to the Crop, and Stock—not Corn enough for the Use of the Farm, 700 bushels of Wheat not Merchantable & refused by Boyd & Ker, but they have, by my Advice...

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 Apr. 1792 [Quote]

your account of Clarkson’s conduct gives me great pleasure. my first wish is that the labourers may be well treated, the second that they may enable me to have that treatment continued by making as much as will admit it. the man who can effect both objects is rarely to be found. I wish you would...

Maria Jefferson (Eppes) to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 3 June 1792

Mrs Pine set off this morning to England I staid with her till a day or two before she went and am now with papa and hope to be for some time I expect to go then to mrs Brodeau. I have heard that she is a very agreeable woman and that all her scholars are very fond of her Papa intends to go to...