John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

My dear son

I received on my arrival at this place all your several letters and am very glad to hear of your being well and satif satisfied with your situation at Mr Halcombs—I was compelled to go with your Mama to North Carolina and being so long on the road going there and returning has been the cause of your not hearing from me—My health has been and still continues better than when you left home—

I am very sorry that neither your Mama or myself will be at home at Christmas—Your Uncle Baker will send for you when he sends for Wayles—I should have been very glad to be at home at christmas but I find it will be impossible—

write to me by every mail
your affectionate Father
Jno W Eppes
RC (NcD: John Wayles Eppes Papers); addressed: “Mastr Francis Eppes Jr Lynchburg Virginia”; franked.
Date Range
December 11, 1813