Joseph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph

dear Mr

At 8 oClock this morning, (Decr 29,) Ellen gave me a Son!—They, the mother and child, are both perfectly well: her troubles were not quite so speedily over as in the case of Bess, but they did not last long (not half an hour,) and were not of a very distressing kind: She has been well through the period of her pregnancy, with an occasional exception: her whole heart was fixed upon the infant’s being a Son, so much so that had it been a daughter it would hardly have been welcomed. When the nurse announced that He was a fine baby, of 7 pounds, the joy she felt at the circumstance made her fort forget her sufferings and even Nell & Bess gave place, for a time, at least, in her affections to the new comer.

The Dr was not present; I myself was with her, and the Nurse—Mrs Christian —, and Mrs Nichols arrived from the Square at the moment of the boy’s appearance: every one had supposed, from E’s acct, that the close of January was the proper period, and that any intimations of an earlier accouchement were must be false alarms—: she herself thought the infant premature; but, to our surprise, he is [. . .] perfectly formed, with hair and nails; and every indication of maturity about him. I have only to add that his name has not yet been decided upon; but Ellen is anxious that he should be called by my Father’s name.

George was with us on Saturday; he is tall, and large, and healthy; looks and behaves well; I have paid Mr Wells another quarter in advance, and have Fifty dollars ready for Hannah Stearns; and this, when paid, will leave nearly One hundred & fifty in my hands to yr. credit. In yr. calculations you seem to have forgotten that Franklin sold for (I think) 200: and Lafayette for $ 100!—In a few days, when I write again, you shall have a particular acct of moneys recd on yr. acct, and expended for you.—

Remember me to all friends, and with wishes for many happy years, believe me, ever yrs.
J. C jr.
RC (ViU: Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge Correspondence); dateline at foot of text; addressed: “To Mrs Randolph: Monticello—Charlottesville, Albemarle Cy; Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Boston, 29 Dec.